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atnt politics should move us some distance toward debate and decision making on the hardest problems we face as a country. that is not what we're getting from our politics right now. if wre not getting it now, when are we going to get it? have a great night. . fees came on the field. drama over a botched call makes it all the w to washington. miracle cape. a russian truck driver walks away from a disaster head on collision. and extreme sky. new hubble images show nasa's deepest ever view of the universe. good morning,'m lynn berry. those stori and more are raig ead. th isfiloon msnbc.
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we'll begin with that ntroiall th dtey ending monday night's football game between green bay and seattle has become a national debate. even both presidential candidates are weighing in calling for the nfl to end the lockout of the regular referees. rtehealht seconds in monday night's game now forever frozen in time. or was ? one official signals touchdn, ether hb act ciagn in the spotlight. >> i don't like the way this game finished. respect the chaos and confuse first if i having way to disbelief. >> haven't seen anything in all my years of football. >> and then disgust. >> look at the replay.
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and the fact it was reviewed. awful. >> don't ask me a question about the officials. >> reporter: the questions and the ongoing labor dispute link her. g onsutla safety and how the controversy may affect the integrity of the league. a firestorm that's been building through the first three weeks of the season. at least five coaches face possible signs from the league for showing their from us trace including bill bell click who trd tob aefft a questionable call at the end of sunday night's game. >> trying to at the time to gef an important call in that game. >> a written explanation on what the league calls aulou catch show a pass interference call should have been called. but then it goes on to say the nfl supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling. >> tragic.
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>> reporr: even though support and trust is clearly waving for cohela a fans. jay gray, nbc news. well, president obama and mitt romney campaign today in the important battleground state of ohio. yesterday president obama addressed the united nations general assemblhere syria a ir too cter ag tr p j us from washington with all of those details. good morning to you. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. as you have no doubt heard over and over, ohio is a big one on the list of battleground states and w it looks lik the president has a pretty goo lea th >>cc pll m awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >> reporter: president oma heads to ohio today wit an t tdor to
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the "washington post "washingto" mitt romney is there, too. >> is there anyone who thinks raising taxes will help grow the econom >> no, his play is to continue what he hasone before, the status quo h not worked. >> romney attacng someone on taxes? that's like me attacking someone for being passionate in politics. >> reporter: romney is o a two day tn oh. tuesday with his running mate. >> after four years of getting the run around, what america eds is a turnaround. >> reporter: but it's a tough state to make their pitch for 12 million more jobs. ohio's employment rate is lower than the national age. daherent releases other ss another add slamming romney for dismissing the 47% of americans who don't pay taxes.
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he'll run into sometruggling families iora. th "in piv the president a four point edge there. >> all right, tracie potts for us in washington. thanks. here's your first look at some of e other news going on around america today. in hawaii, check out these powerful waves. a created an incredible scene at the binni of a paddle boat race. they were tossed around like rag dolls. the ocean was littered with at least ten capsizeded canoes before the race even started. in south dakota, close to 1,000 son created quite a rumble dung thefaou saof spectators from all over the world make the trip each year to watch the animals tam speed before they are corralled in to pens. roughly 250 of those guys will go up for auion. and in utah, look closely, that is the face of president obama and mitt romney.
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they've been depicted in a corn maze you can chooseo enter the maze by either theba ro entrance. and vote voting will end on election day. well, nofor a look at your national weather, we turn to bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. if only it was that easy. hey, choose that entnce or that enance. and you sngou tvs, it was slightly difficult to try to make them out. >> hey, some poor guy had to -- >> yes, some poor guy had a lot of time on his hands. >> i hopes he's not watching this morning. >> no, he's out in the corn maze. he's trimmg tdg gorning, everyone. a rainy morning in many spots especially in the middle of the country. but just a murky weather pattern from the northeast today, mid-atlantic, all the way through the middle of the country through the heartland. the green on the m is the rain, white and gray is the clouds. upere in newglanus
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lin. had a shower moving through maryland just north of d.c. now trying to cross into delaware. just south of pittsburgh, we've had steadier rain. so everyone in the new england area today should have an umbrella with you and the kids, it won't pour all day. it will only be hit and miss showers. pelye he lleumer temperatures won't be too bad, though. it's actually a mild day compared to yesterday. for the heavier rain, we shift into areas of ohio. looks like louisville and kentucky, heavier rain that will shift down on you in the next half hour or so. so if you're lea your house inisville,ouinely ne the umbrella. as we move further to the west, the worst weather in the country looks to be central illinois, 64s crossing 57. mount vernon, a thunderstorm you're dealing with. and further to the west, just light rain for you in in kansas city. but right rough theiddl of crywhre dealing with numerous areas of some light rains. as far as your forecast goes take, we are going to be looking for the most part temperatures to be on the cooler side, the only exception down here in texas where it's still pretty
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hot. but as we mentioned, just numerous areas. we won't see severe storms today fily a miss showers.b >> all right, bill, thank you. coming up, reality hits wall street. home prices rise. and california climbs on board with google's carve the future. your first look at this mornins business headlines is straight ahead. > tngkheoc tigers get even and pop the champagne, another team punches their ticket to the postseason. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. jack, you're a little boring.
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welcome back. here are somof the top stories makingews is mning. >>e p pressing the u.n. to send observers to monitor this year's elections. the civil rights group believes up to 6 million americans are being blocked from voting because of felony criminal records. in spain, dozens of protesters have been injured in
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clashes witholice. they're angry over cuts in public employee salaries, health and education as spain races to deal with massive debt. in russia, this is incredible video. it shows a truck driver literally walking away from a crwith another big rig he was hurled from his cab at the moment of impact but amazingly landed right up with barely a scratch. and finally, this is the deepest view of space you have ever seen. the hubble telescopeas sent back picture me an 13 billliyearin t ng it's a collage of views, more than 5,000 galaxies captured over ten years. now a first look at this's dish of scrambled next month, stevie wonder is among the stars performing at benefit concert for president obama in los angeles. the hollywood reporter also says
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that on the bill with wonder will be jennifer hudson and kat perry. michael bloomberg is on the nuerneheer in political office in the u.s. according to the annual forbes list of richest americans. according to the weather channel, up to 35% of undecided likely voters say bad weather could keep them from heading to theolls on electn i november. paul ryan, a green bay packers fan from wisconsin, chimed in on the referee ruling that cost his team a win monday night. ryan joked,quote, i hal think these refs work part-me f tham aision budget office. mitt romney had kind words for bill clinton yesterday, saying a few nice words from bill clinton can do a lot of good, he said. and he joked that he would wait for his clinton bounce in the polls. s on the "tonight show" with
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jay leno talking about his husband's plans for america's future and she explained to jay how she feels about mitt running for president. >> four years ago i made a deotape and on the videotape, idttis i for you, and sweetheart, i'm never doing this again. >> well, jay also asked ann romney if mitt is a good dancer. she replied he's gotten to be a better dancer. and that's your morning dish of scrambledti elsewhere, missouri republican congressman todd aiken let the deadline to let the senate race pass yesterday without dropping out. he's bound to stay despite pressure within his own party since his lit mate rape comments. last nig on th lor wit lace nn aiken's opponent claire mccaskill says that was clearly aiken's plan all along. >> i think he believes that this
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is a race that he was chosen to and i think he began this whole process very committed. and you have to remember, this is someone who has always operated on the fringe of his party. it's not that todd and i are thatar apt. it's i in the middle and he' onhe very edge. so he's never really had a warm and close relationship with a lot of the republican party leaders because of his extreme views. >> lean forward with the lawrence o'donnell and last word show week nights at 10:00 p.m stertime oy onb t place for politics. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,457 after stumbling 101 points yesterday. the s&p dropped 15. the nasdaq tumbled 43. taking look at oversea t, nikkei lost 184 points while in hong kong the
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hang seng fell 170. well, so far the first week of fall has delivered a dose of harsh reality back to the street. heavy equipment maker caterpillar spookemarkets tuesday joining thlikes of several bellwether stocks to warn sluggish global growth will cut into its bottom line. chnology shares came under pressure over lingering worries apple supplies of the new iphone 5 won't be able to keep up with demand. shares of the world's most valuable company fell for a second day in a row. ghcoerfie enceoas reading in seven months was overshadowed by global stimulus worries. likewise, gains sparked by a steady rise in home prices were eventually wiped out by the end of the day. staples st ground tuesday after revealing it will close rth american retail space by 15%. investors appeared to be encouraged by a presentation from blackberry maker research in motion tuesday.
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rim's stock climbed 5%. and finally california rnerrood google headquarters in a self-driving toyota prius tuesday before signing legislation paving the way for the company's driverless cars in california. the new law allowsesting of vehicles on public roadways so lo as properly licensed ere nd w, well, coming up, the tigers roar, the white sox stumble and the a's blast off in extras, plus a walk-off clincher calls fochampagne showers in atlanta. yoiroo ss sthtad inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, bunot pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! lillttg edthav smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh!
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and in sports, a final inning two-run homer against the miami marlins sered a playoff berth for the bravesast night. here's mario solis. good morning. after an epic meltdown last year, the braves finally got it right. to atlanta where it didn't come easy for the tribe, the marlins donovan solano has never hit a major leue home run and last night he hit two. the second gives miami a 3-2 lead, but then the power of the ray cap takes ov. ninth inning, atlanta down one. one on for freddie freeman. if it's deep enough, it's a playoff berth. there it goes, and here comes the braves. they win 4-3 idramatic fashion. pop the champagne, atlanta locks down a wild card spot, meaning chipper jones will have one last shot at rld series title. thcethe a.l. central
5:21 am
is as close as it gets. tigers only scored two runs against the royals, but that's all they would need. anibal sanchez was pitching bee bees. ten strikeoutsver nine innings of work. tigers beat kc 2-0. it is just sanchez fourth win vee br .a butcodn't the white sox couldn't keep pace. they lost to the indians. ezequel carrera caps off a three-run fourth with an rbi single. cleveland up 4-0 and they hold on to win 4-3. tigers and sox now tied for first in the a.l. central. seems like every time the orioles win, the yankees do too. well, yesterday both teams lost. twinkies hung four on the pin stripes in the seventh. they win 5-4. new york's lead in the east is still 1 1/2. angels are in the hunt for october. zack greinke pitching a gem. thirteen strikeouts in just five innings of work. it is the first time somebody's done that since 1920. angels beat the mariners and are two back in the wild card.
5:22 am
angels are csing the a's. oakland played the role of spoiler in texas. rangers had a chance to clinch a playofspot but george kotarr had other ideas. the go-ahead hom in the te raers ll htoait s 3-2. and that's your first look at sports. i'm mario solis. and now weheck back in with bill rins. good morning once against. >> good morning. two mornings in a row we've seen the worst weather in the country heading through illinois. yesterday we had a tornado spotted. a little rain wrapping around it. those are always the dangerous once. can't get a lot of visibility on those. a little bit of damage in washingt couy, but no fat fatalities and no injuries. today we're here in southern portions of south central illinois, these storms trying to make their run at indiana. so right along interstate 64, probably one of the worst drives today through the ohio valley. weave numerous showers trying
5:23 am
to race through new england. it will be more cloudy than sunny in many areas with hit and miss shower so bring the umbrella with you. as far as the rain foe goe veig amounts. heavier rains whether be from kansas through illinois, indiana, kentucky.light amounts. heavier rains whether be from kansas through illinois, indiana, kentucky. dry in texas. we have seen such a beautiful septber with so many sunshine. but as we go you thrghou the next four or five days from d.c. to philadelphia right up through new jersey, don't expect a lot of sunshine. we could see cloudy skies continuing rig into t weekend. it's been so picture perfect. this is kind of the firstind of gloomyittlperi wve seen. >> no apple picking this week. >> you can apple pick, it's just little damp. apples will be pre-washed. >> i like that. lady gaga hits back against critics of her fluctuating
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welcome back. time for some entertainment news. well, pop star katy perry's year just keeps getting better. biars unsh g akmeheir woman of the year award during the magazine's women in music event in november. >>responding to criticism out her rent weight gain, laagve or
5:28 am
website, she has suffered from anorexia and bulimia since she was 15. she's started a section on her little monster's website for followers to show her perceived flaws. madonna said she was bng deliberately ironic when she referred to president obama as a black muslim at her washington, d.c., concert. remember this little guy, the fo ld othis ctine tist the movie we still haven't seen but everyone tells us we should because it's good. >> i haven't met any of those people. >> uggie has published a memoir. the tongue in cheestory and talks about reese witherspoon and a bunch of other stuff.
5:29 am
we have promised our producers we're going to see it. itaccounts? t h come on. >> will you give me a heads up on one of those so i can start following? i'm lynn berry. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. pew battleground polls out that are staggering for mitt romney, down double digits now in states he must win to take the eltion. the question is, how can governor romney stop the bleeding with just over ath to go. todd akin is officially remaining in the senate race in missouri. the question is how heavy will claire mccaskill go on a ichlak legit mate rape coent. an grows louder for the nfl to get its referees back to work.

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